Course curriculum

    1. Release Program Introduction by Author Amy Elizabeth

    2. What items you will need for this program

    1. Intention Setting

    2. Ceremony

    3. Ritual

    4. Importance of Ceremony & Ritual

    5. Praying & Honoring the Directions

    6. Reflection Exercise: The Masks We Wear

    7. Discovering Identity: Job vs. Work (Part 1)

    8. Discovering Identity: Job vs. Work (Part 2)

    9. A Letter to your Old Identity

    10. Reflection Exercise: Patterns & Themes Our Parents Play

    1. Breaking Ties and Binds to the Past or Unhealthy Energies

    2. Intro to Palo Santo & Exercise

    3. Intro to Boundaries

    4. Practice: Get Clear on Healthy & Unhealthy Boundaries

    5. Cord Cutting

    6. Intro to Sand Painting

    7. How to Make a Sand Painting

    8. Benefits of Working with a Sand Painting & Reflection

    1. Working with Forgiveness

    2. Intro to Ho'oponopono & Dr. Hew Len

    3. Ho'oponopono Exercise

    4. Forgiveness Exercise

    5. Forgiveness Cleanse

    6. Reflection and Practice of Dis-identifying - "I am the Soul"

    1. Intro to Fire Ceremony

    2. Secrets Statement

    3. Secrets Reflection Exercise

    4. Reflection Exercise: Untruth to Truth

    5. Spirit Arrows

    6. Write & Burn Technique *Bonus Exercise*

    7. Prepare for Final Fire Ceremony

    8. It's Time for Final Fire Ceremony!

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Are you ready to RELEASE?

Release is a program designed to free you from everything you’ve been holding that isn't yours so that you may operate from your authentic self and feel empowered in every way.

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