Shine Course Curriculum

Set yourself and your business up for success!

    1. Intro to Shine Program

    2. Shine Survey: Business Set Up - Mindset Endurance

    3. Best Practices: Tools to create and sustain clarity and focus throughout your day

    4. VIDEO: Consistency Is Key - Part 1 Video by Amy Elizabeth

    5. VIDEO: Consistency is Key - Part 2 Video by Amy Elizabeth

    6. Daily Focus Meditation

    7. Meditation: Grounding (Audio Recording by Amy Elizabeth)

    8. Meditation: Golden Light (Audio Recording by Amy Elizabeth)

    9. Meditation: Balancing Your Nervous System (Audio Recording by Amy Elizabeth)

    10. Meditation: Violet Flame Meditation (Audio Recording by Amy Elizabeth)

    11. Meditation: Awakening Prayer (Audio Recording by Amy Elizabeth)

    12. Breathing Exercises to Shift Energy

    13. "Today was Great" Journal: Prompts and Examples

    14. "Gratitude" Journal

    15. Blessings Exercise

    16. Intro to Drainers vs. Feeders

    17. Brain Dump & Prioritization

    18. What is your BHAG?

    19. VIDEO: Intro to how to use a "Pendulum" to Clear Energy

    20. Morning Routine Options

    21. Evening Routine Options

    22. Personal Relationship Boundaries

    23. Professional Relationship Boundaries

    24. Financial Relationship Boundaries

    25. Types of Business Formations (DBA, LLC, S-Corp)

    26. Step 1: Business Name

    27. Step 2: Choosing a Structure

    28. Step 3: Business Address

    29. Step 4: Business Phone Number

    30. Step 5: Employer Identification Number (EIN)

    31. Step 6: Business License

    32. Step 7: Insurance

    33. Step 8: Business Checking account

    34. Step 9: Business Relationships

    35. Step 10: Other things to consider

    36. Other Business Resources Ideas

    1. Check In Module 2: Consistent Practices & AM/PM Routine

    2. Vivid Visualization Intro

    3. Visualization Meditation: Moonshot

    4. Action: Routine to Support Visualization Meditation

    5. Drawing your "New" Life Exercise

    6. Story Selling

    7. Who to Hire

    8. The Coat Exercise

    1. Check In Module 3: Consistent Practices & AM/PM Routine

    2. 4 Part Exercise: Drainers vs. Feeders

    3. Forced Choice Prioritization Method

    4. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

    5. Where Attention Goes...Energy Flows

    6. Reflection: Intention vs. Attention

    7. Affirmation Mirror Exercise

    8. Elevator Pitch

    9. Elevator Pitch Mirror Exercise

    10. Shift Your Frequency

    1. Check In Module 4: Consistent Practices & AM/PM Routine

    2. Forgiveness Exercise

    3. "Gratitude" Journal

    4. Values Assessment

    1. Final Check In Module 5: Consistent Practices & AM/PM Routine

    2. Recap Best Practices: Tools to create and sustain clarity and focus throughout your day

    3. Recap: Daily Focus Meditation

    4. Recap: Breathing Exercises to Shift Energy

    5. Recap: "Today was Great" Journal: Prompts and Examples

    6. Recap:"Gratitude" Journal

    7. Recap: Brain Dump/Prioritization

    8. Recap: Morning Routine Options

    9. Recap: Evening Routine Options

    10. Recap: Working Mirror Exercise

    11. Recap: Elevator Pitch

    12. Recap: Values Assessment

    13. Recap: Business Strategy

    14. Financial Literacy

    15. Creating Your Vision and Mission Statements

    16. Marketing Strategy Exercise

    17. Networking

    18. Closing Exercise & Statement

    19. Offering: Mastermind Group

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This course will show you how to transcend your business with a positive mindset. It will support you in knowing how to build a team, what team members are needed to support your type of business, and how to thrive innovatively as an entrepreneur. You will learn how to strategize your systems and make them work for you and your style of work, as well as creating a life aligned with your values, purpose, and passion.